SofySense Testing with AI and No-Code Automation

Today, Sofy, a testing platform for software developers which accelerates product release times by 95 percent, is launching SofySense — the world’s first mobile app testing solution that integrates AI and no-code automation. SofySense enhances Sofy’s existing platform with GPT-integrated intelligent software testing AI technology. SofySense removes the burdensome, cumbersome, and mundane processes and tasks in writing test cases, freeing up testers for more strategic efforts and greatly accelerating product release times. It is also a significant step towards true self-healing software.

Software developers currently spend 20 - 50 percent of their overall time on testing, figuring out the order of operations and the right tests to identify errors in code. This testing is expensive, accounting for 23 - 35 percent of overall IT spend. And while test automation generally reduces development time and associated costs, with SofySense, the benefits of automation increase exponentially. SofySense intelligently looks at the technical documentation and generates testing operations so software testers can modify them to suit their needs and focus on more impactful tasks.

“SofySense is not just a mobile app testing solution, it's the future of intelligent test automation. With years in the making, SofySense builds upon the team's 20 plus years of experience and shared knowledge to integrate AI and no-code automation seamlessly,” said Syed Hamid, founder and CEO, Sofy. “Similar to how ChatGPT can generate human-like text in a matter of moments, with SofySense we’ve enabled AI technology in a useful way, helping testers author and execute tests in seconds.”

SofySense leverages the power of OpenAI's large language models to provide advanced insights, analysis, and assistance for all of an organization's QA needs. This allows users to quickly identify patterns and trends in their test results and generate test cases that can be used to make informed decisions about their overall testing strategy.

The integrated solution is an intelligent resource providing answers to specific test questions, giving users knowledge about their test cases and results, empowering them to test earlier and more often with greater confidence.

With SofySense, organizations can streamline their testing processes while ensuring high-quality releases. It provides a modern way to quickly gather test results, augment test creations, and find answers to questions in one place.

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